Ungarelli Enterprises was founded 2009 by Kenny Ungarelli, together with his son Josef. Our focus was based on Kennys international business history from many years of empowering employments, responsibilities, companies, and other inspiring global ventures.

I've heard that, if you get to do what you love, with people you enjoy, you're not working.
So - I've hardly worked a day in my life, but here's what I've been busy with.

Rusk and Revo:

Stimulating, Developing and Empowering Employments:

AVD Technology AB (Audio Visual Display):

Samtech AB:

U.S. Family Inspiration:

Inspired by hard working successful family in the U.S., I've been motivated to work hard and be as responsible, reliable and efficient as possible, and done my best to be available to U.S. operations, whenever required/possible.

Nationwide Protective Coating Mfrs., Inc.

Robinson Architects, PC

Best Regards
Ungarelli's in sweden